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About Glass House 

What's in a name?

We are a transparent house of fashion. We are making the highest quality menswear we can, as well as being responsible for the environment and the people we work with. We put holistic business methods into action and make sure our resources are considered and measured  Ask us anything and we will share our processes with you -- that's our goal of transparency. 


Glass House makes tailored fit, high-quality, contemporary men’s button up shirts, along with accessories, with more intentions than simply creating the greatest garments achievable. We focus on masterfully crafted fit, fabrics, and finishing. Our products also contain the most sustainably relevant and technologically sound fabrics available to date, that look and feel luxurious. The fabrics we choose aren’t necessarily created how we apply them, but we make them into unique pieces that last. 


No bells, no whistles — our designs are modern and built with the ideology that less is more. The simplicity of our designs utilize minimal amount of materials that are of the utmost quality, without sacrificing style.  Every detail is looked at closely and examined to be the most efficient. Having small-batch manufacturing allows us to do this, and that means the closest attention to all elements -- we believe this is how a premium shirt is made best.


The big picture: It’s our long term goal to have all of our fabrics grown, milled, spun, dyed, and woven right here in the United States. The fabrics we currently use are 100% organic cotton, hemp, lyocell, and blends of other conscious and responsible fibers. In addition, we use reclaimed fabrics that may be sent to the landfill or take time to redistribute and create unique pieces with them.

As we continue to grow, we aim to provide more benefits and incentives to our employees like yoga classes, communal lunches, support in alternative modes of transportation, and the list goes on. And, eventually, we’d love to have our own manufacturing facility run on alternative energy like wind, solar, & geothermal. We believe that providing a high quality of life for our employees, as well as providing premium shirts for you, are the key aspects of how this brand is run. Big goals with big impacts.



When considering all people involved in garment making, it starts with the farmer who grows the raw fibers and ends with the customer recycling or throwing away the final product after full use. That’s a long path. Glass House takes into consideration, from end to end, all the people involved in the making of our products. We aim to make sure that all people in the production processes are treated with respect and love, as everyone deserves. Sewers are all paid a living wage far above minimum wage. We dig as deep as possible to make sure the farmers, dyers, and weavers are paid a fair and ethical wage, also. We believe in social responsibility.


If we didn’t care for our planet, we’d have no ground to build our brand upon, literally. Glass House focuses on respecting and preserving the planet, so that the planet takes care of us by providing the best fibers possible. In keeping with our high standards of quality, we use organic fabrics that are dyed with low-impact dyes, as well as using natural corozo nut buttons. We will hopefully, one day, have our own manufacturing facilities right here in the United States, powered by wind, the sun, and other alternative energy technologies when the time comes.


Hey, we are a business, so economic prosperity is certainly in the equation! We believe that everybody deserves living wages and that everybody matters — so profits are evenly distributed throughout Glass House. What we do, and how we do it, is the way that Glass House contributes back to our community.  How our products are made, what they are made of, who makes them, and where they are made are what makes us different! This entire process is part of the Triple Bottom Line strategy. 

Fabrics + Trim

The fabrics we use in our shirts are not all necessarily made for how we apply them. Many of them are blended textiles, typically of cotton and lyocell (also known as Tencel, a natural fiber that wicks moisture, cools the body, and has anti-microbial properties), which make for a soft touch and feel great against the skin. We love working with alternative options to the norm and always come up with interesting uses in the studio.

Our fabric choices are both high in quality and are sustainably manufactured, making a much smaller impact on the earth than any ordinary textile. The hardware and trims that we use like our buttons and labels are low-impact so they won't harm the Earth in the long run, either.

We also use premium, limited quantity, 100% cotton fabrics for our Limited Edition items while we search out new responsible options.

It takes us a long time to find the fabrics that go into our collections.  And while the selection may be relatively small, we continue to search for the best feeling, looking, and consciously eco-innovative fabrics offered to date.



I started Glass House shirtmakers in 2011 to fill a void by marrying my passions: fashion and sustainability. Before I started Glass House, I couldn't find a well-made shirt to fit my trim physique. I learned how to sew and learned the basics of solid tailoring from my mother, along with my history in art and design, and gained experience with Cydwoq, I was inspired to create a menswear line based on all the finest attributes of men's apparel regarding modern aesthetic and superior construction. In addition, having also worked within political systems, community, and all things healthy as a "sustainable development" professional and activist, I believed it was nothing short of necessary to build this brand consciously and ethically. Feel free to contact me at daniel@glasshouseshirtmakers.com