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5 Reasons Why Our Shirts Cost What They Do

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People often ask us how clothing companies come up with the prices they charge on finished products.  And to be honest, every company has a different process.  There are many factors that build to the end number seen on the price tag -- cost of design, materials, production, sales avenues, and much more.


1) A new company like us will price things differently than a company that has a rich history -- that comes down to name recognition and having processes and relationships down pat.

2) Internet-based companies charge less for their products because they have less overhead (space to rent, etc.) but more importantly, they sell "direct to customer," bypassing working with brick and mortar retailers. This cuts their costs tremendously. Glass House chooses to work with authentic and sincere boutiques because our story is unique, and we love when a shop gets behind our story and shares it with their customers so they can connect with the garments and the brand. Another reason why we work with retailers is so that we can support them in building community; they open their doors because they want to engage and offer people something new and interesting.  Feeling and experiencing a product is hugely important to companies that offer a superior product like ours.

3) Also, Glass House is a very small company. Many large companies that offer products at a lower price own their own factories in foreign countries. We work with manufacturers here in the USA, where a livable wage is much higher than other manufacturing countries, so that in turn increases our retail price. With the small amounts of factory options in the USA, it changes the price because we only make small batches, while even thousands of shirts ordered is still considered a "small" amount to the factories. And to most USA factories, the price is the price.  The manufacturers we work with also pay a livable wage rather than minimum wage.  However, garment work is inconsistent in the USA, so finding a reliable team can change more often than we prefer.  If we produce enough pieces, we can keep the same skillful team working together. 

4) Our shirts are constructed with high standards of garment integrity and durability.  Each step in the manufacturing process is looked over to make sure our shirts last many, many years.  The most skilled workers at the manufacturers work on Glass House products, utilizing the best methods of high quality shirt construction: French seams, split yoke, double stitch on the cuffs and collars, tight button holes, single need sewing, and more.

5) Many of our fabrics are the finest quality, most innovative and sustainable textiles to date. We use corozo nut buttons (not plastic). All the internal components we use are the best of the best, as well. Cotton itself as a textile has been moving back and forth in regards to cost of the raw crop.  Finding material that is soft, durable and sustainable is a challenge, but we are committed to using it. Premium materials, outside of manufacturing, are the biggest cost to a clothing company.

And of course the design and fit makes you look great! It took a long time to develop our shirts and get them just right, so we need to add that to the cost, as well. 

There you have it. This list is just a handful of reasons why our shirts retail at the price they do. There is so much that goes into design, production, sales, marketing, and simply daily operations that make something cost what it does. So when you buy something, anything, we encourage you to consider everything that went into it.