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Cheap Fashion - How deep does it run?

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"Cheap" can mean a lot of things. To us it means the quality of construction and also the quality of life being offered to factory workers in particular foreign regions. What does "cheap fashion" mean to you? 

Recently, John Oliver, host of "Last Week Tonight" on HBO brought up big questions to the masses of how "fast fashion" is so cheap. There are a lot of different costs that go into making clothes, we would know! Most fashion companies cut their major expenses on manufacturing, and that means people. Many facilities abroad that manufacture our cheap clothing are extremely unsafe for their workers -- poor lung health, very long hours, and fire hazards are just a few of the dangerous aspects of poor factory conditions. Some people say, "well, at least those people have jobs." But, a job that pays cents-on-the-hour doesn't give consent to those high-risk manufacturing facilities to remain such terrible work environments. We're working to change this.

We look to educate our customers on how buying something of quality, and explaining what that really looks like, makes for a sustainable life for all people involved -- including the factory workers. The manufacturing contractors we work with in Chicago provide safe and comfortable environment for their workers. Chicago ordinances are in the process of becoming certified "sweat free" and general federal legislation in the U.S. requires work conditions to be of a certain level -- while legislation in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Macao, and others are...rather different.

So if you aren't asking yourself about what "cheap" means, maybe it's time to start?