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Menswear’s Finest: Instagram Accounts We Follow

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There are a lot of really bad Instagram accounts for Menswear. Ever searched #Menswear? Pretty terrible. People are hung up on being one thing or the other to the latest Instagram initiated trend. Here are our three favorite guys on Instagram who inspire us, have style and make us take a second look at our outfits every morning.

1) @TheDressedChest aka Rainier Jonn – We started following Rainier when he had a mere 8,000 followers. His personal style and aesthetic have brought him to over 40,000 followers. First off, he is consistent. The Dressed Chest literally dresses his chest in superb fashion with witty captions every day. Rainier has ventured out to the occasional shoe post and recently a wrist shot. One thing is certain; we look forward to seeing how he dresses his chest each day.

As avid followers of Rainier, we had to send him some swag. Our Navy Hemp & Recycled Poly Chambray, Green Leaf Print Organic Cotton Pocket Square, Gray & White Double-sided Organic Cotton Mini Stripe Pocket Square and Hemp & Recycled Polyester Pocket Square (Sold Out) have all graced his chest.

2) @OneDapperStreet aka Marcel Floruss – He is arguably one of the highest followed menswear bloggers on Instagram. We started following him via bandwagon, but our appreciation for the German-born fashion student grew after chatting with him at an event in the Chicago area. Marcel balances his personality and personal style while promoting gifted merchandise (A balance most top dogs struggle with.)

Pictured: Marcel in our Navy Brushed Cotton with Beigh Polka Dot Mens Shirt

3) @thepacman82 aka Phil Cohen - is a full service menswear Instagrammer. He posts impeccable lifestyle shots and product shots that are likely being mimicked by store associates everywhere. Initially we thought that he may be too shredded for our shirts, but our White & Blue Lyocell & Cotton Stripe Mens Shirt looks sharp on Phil and in his clever outfit grids.


Written by the Glass House girlfriend, Sabrina