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Passion for Money, or Passion for More?

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When doing business, most companies exist strictly to make money. They see a void in the market and try to fill it, and subsequently really only filling their own pockets. And hey, to thrive and make progress a business needs to make money and be profitable, of course -- but this bodes the questions, is money all the CEOs and other execs care about? Do they really love the product or service they're providing? Do they actually have passion for what they're bringing to the market? Do they have passion for money, or do they have passion for something more?

I've talked with a lot of people about this topic lately. The Millennials and parts of Gen X are all about self-educating themselves and accessing information literally at their finger tips.  It's possible to find out a company's origin, impetus, etc. with a few quick Google searches. Some of the companies out there are very good at shoveling bullshit -- we called that "greenwashing" in the sustainability world.  And in the fashion world, a lot of fashion brands, new and old, jump on bandwagons that are making money for authentic companies with real stories simply to make money from people who have values.  

Let's talk taking advantage of the system in place. Take the American-made movement. Making a profit with domestically-made products is very difficult because minimal wage here is much higher than Asian countries like Bangladesh and Malaysia.  But that doesn't mean that some companies that are manufacturing here in the U.S. aren't cutting corners elsewhere. Their materials, distribution channels aka where and how they sell, quality of their construction, and so on are sourced from unethical places where legislation doesn't protect human rights.  Furthermore, those companies may be manufacturing here in the USA, but the textiles they use could be pesticide laden cotton that poisons cotton farmers and millers in foreign countries. Another piece is using lower-quality construction methods keeps costs down for these kinds of companies, but the flip side to that is you get a lower-quality garment that you thought was going to be well-constructed due to domestic manufacturers. The companies that are internet-based are cutting out mom-and-pop boutiques and taking all the profits for themselves, so local boutiques in our cities and towns are forced to close or sell things they aren't passionate about because they have less and less to offer. It's a daunting industry, with lots and lots of loop holes that make for a higher profit margin for companies focused solely on there bottom line.

It's easy to smell the bullshit some companies shovel out if we're smart and do our research. Lots of these companies throw around words we can connect to that pull at our patriotism, as well as other emotions. But really they only want our money.

We at Glass House do what we do because, frankly, we truly care about and and want to better the entire process of bringing garments to you.  We offer the best quality construction, the best materials, the best working environments, work directly with our favorite boutiques, and we are completely transparent about how we do it -- because we absolutely love great designs that last many, many years.  And to top it off, we are constantly working on getting even better at what we offer and how we do things, all to make a stronger impact.  We are in it because we have passion for design, conscious sourcing, ethical business practices, and building community.

So that leaves us with the main question: are companies and the people who run them passionate about money, or are they passionate about design, making a difference, and changing the game?  We are the latter.

Doing things just for the money won't fucking cut it anymore.