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What Does "Quality" Mean: Interfacing (The Guts)


When we think of a shirt that is going to be long lasting, it's guts and internal workings need to be just as good as the fabric and other parts of the shirt. Interfacing, or the internal workings of a shirt are what make the collar stiff, the plackets firm, and the cuffs crisp. Here are details of what make our interfacing the best option.


Content: A lot of interfacing is made from plastic polymers and very thin polyester, which is inexpensive and easy to apply to most garments, but doesn't last -- and because polyester is petroleum based, is harmful to the environment. Many of these are also fused or heat-glued to the fabric to give it it's stiffness. That's okay, except that those cheap materials won't hold up to the test of time. Our interfacing is fused to the fabric to make sure the fabric keeps it's shape where we want it to, but the difference that our interfacing has to the norm is that it's a heavyweight, canvas cotton woven fabric that is strong and will not break down within the garment through washes and time. It's all about the make up of the interfacing that make it what it is.

Application: As you may imagine, cutting and sewing material that is plastic-based and flimsy is a pain to do. Our canvas interfacing cuts along the same lines as our high quality material with ease (because it in itself is fabric, also), so when the pieces are sewn together, all the lines are clean and precise. Sewing fabric is much easier than sewing weak plastic.

Sustainable: The less plastic we have directly next to our skin the better! Because our interfacing is canvas, it decreases the amount of toxins from plastics that come in direct contact with your skin, making your life that much healthier. You're welcome.