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Why the "Middle Man" is Actually Good.


There are a lot of companies out there that are basing their entire focus on "cutting out the middle men" when it comes to buying their products. We actually think that the middle men are good, needed, and a big piece of the puzzle.

Think about when you were younger, first starting to shop for your own clothes. You may pop into a store at the mall while you're hanging out with friends and grab a t-shirt or some jeans. You may have found a cool hat at another store a couple hundred feet down as you walked into a different store. These stores may or may not have been owned by a single brand, and if they weren't, you were buying from the "middle men". Consider this, if it weren't for those stores, you may have not found some pieces that you truly cherished and wore the heck out of -- and, might we add, actually may have allowed you to really express who you are on the inside.

The "middle men" that most online-based companies are talking about are the large conglomerates that have the ability to run small brands completely out of business -- not the small, mom and pop shops. However, those mom and pop shops are "middle men" in their own right, and that's where we think that "cutting out the middle men" may not be the best practice.

As for the fashion industry, let's think of current times. Nowadays, the new clothing shops that are opening in our local towns and cities are run by young, innovative, smart people who truly love fashion! All the entrepreneur shop owners that we know and do business with are looking to bring something exciting and interesting to their neighborhoods. They genuinely want to provide a new perspective to their community and also share how there are amazing brands out there with incredible stories, who are just as passionate about bringing something original to customers as they are.

We love working with shop owners who share the same passion as we do. Those "middle men" who are looking to provide you with something of value, it's someone who knows the products on their shelves inside and out, it's a human being to build a relationship with, a place to gather. If they're doing it right, walking into a brick-and-mortar should be an all around beautiful experience -- where people aren't "middle men", they're simply a shop keeper, sharing something amazing with you.